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  • Life on Mars

    I learned a new word today. The word is: mung. Mung: green mossy shit that apparently grows on all moist outside walls in the Pacific Northwest. Let’s use it in a sentence that I heard today. “Honey, don’t forget to take off your shoes at the door because mung will get all over the carpet”. […]

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  • Tears and Evergreen Trees

    It took 2 days to drive up here to Washington State. Two long days in the car. I’m not the best at road trips. With Daddy, being in the car was fun. We’d laugh, sing, and just soak up every moment together. But the entire 15 hour drive was me… anxiety-filled, praying to arrive safely, […]

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  • Like Porcelain Dolls…

    Human beings are so fragile. We walk around with a façade of arrogance that nothing can touch us. We convince ourselves that we have “plenty of time”. But what is time? Tonight I went for a walk with my daughter down the driveway of the farm. Our next door neighbor is an elderly Korean couple […]

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  • Boxes, Bags, and Goodbyes…

    In 3 days we are set to leave California for the Pacific Northwest. I try to paint on a “tough smile” for my daughter telling her interesting facts about Washington State. “There are massive trees with actual GREEN leaves, baby!” “Did you know that we are finally going to live in a place that has […]

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  • Back Home at Sea

    My daughter and I sat in the front of the boat. The weather was perfect today on the water. Not too hot, and a steady breeze blowing across the Pacific. The Captain was a gentle, older man in his 60s with sun-kissed skin from many, many years spent outside. We rented his vessel to do […]

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  • And Then Came the Service…

    I could feel Daddy’s hands upon my shoulders as I stood at the lectern giving the eulogy this morning. It felt like two calming weights upon my shoulders. I am thankful that his spirit is alive and well. The service, as expected, was highly emotional for everyone. There were tears. There was laughter. There were […]

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