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Captain’s Musings #1: On the Impracticality of Sleep Sex (Consensual Non-Consent)

Good morning, everyone!

A Cg/l relationship is a wonderful thing when both parties enjoy a certain level of openness and frankness that is a result of years of confidence and trust with each other. So when the topic of CNC “fantasy rape” sleep sex came up, it was as if Penny – who shall henceforth be referred to as Kitten in my blog – and I was sipping tea and reading the newspaper. It went something like this:

I noticed that Kitten was a bit frisky and rubbing up against me in the bed – her way of signaling she was feeling intimate.

Captain: “Hey Kitten, how are you feeling?”  I say with a smirk and a corresponding rubbing suggestively around her crotch area.

Kitten: “Daddy…have you ever felt frisky and EXHAUSTED at the same time?” she said as she plopped down on my chest while continuing to hump my leg.

At this point I grin and knew my Kitten was ready to pass out – but needed release to sleep well. So I offer the next logical thing:

Daddy: “Well Kitten, I can always rape you in your sleep?”

Now let me pause here and clarify. Kitten and I have been together for 10 years, married for 9 of those, and been D/s for 6 of those. We have been through thick and thin, through ups and downs and we have definitely been through any conceivable trial a couple could get and made it through. Between the two of us, nothing is taboo. And we made that very clear when we each did a kink checklist that was a mile long in the beginning of our relationship. So years and years ago, we had both marked “fantasy sleep rape” as something we’re both into as a kink. Now back to the story:

Kitten grins at me: “Uhuh…that would be..fine” she said coyly. At the same time I saw a glimmer in her eye that suggested something naughty or hysterical crossed her mind. 

She said: “Daddy, remember when we roleplayed it?”

Captain: “Oh yes…and that was so good, I filled you up pretty good didn’t I?” I said. 

The roleplay scene we were talking about happened in a game that Kitten and I play, called Guild Wars 2. It’s an MMORPG that allows us to play as gorgeous avatars and lets our mind go wild with imagination and roleplay. It allowed us to safely explore each and every kink, no matter how taboo, in a safe environment. We have explored sleep sex multiple times in roleplay and we’ve always ended up “finishing up” in real life. This next part is when it starts to turn a bit silly, because of our natural banter as best friends. That’s because while we have explored sleep sex in RP, we have never actually done the entire deed in real life. We’re not ultra skinny people and we’re realistic with our limitations and have fun with it.

Kitten: “Yeah but can you imagine if we actually did it? You’d have to actually drag me around and spread me and then if I’m wearing clothes, you’d have to carefully remove it – if you tore up my clothes, Daddy, I’ll claw you!” she said playfully at me giggling.

Daddy: “Yeah I guess I see your point. My tummy would probably smack against your leg and end up bouncing me back…and then I’d have to do a WORKOUT and probably pass out while attempting it…

We both end up busting out laughing at the possibility of me passing out mid-sex from exhaustion. We look at each other lovingly and realize that, yes we might not be super skinny or super young and fit. But, we know each other so well that we know we don’t need to do the Olympics to satisfy each other. So I take her face in my hands and say:

Daddy: “We’ll keep sleep sex in the roleplay where I can lift you and bend you like a pretzel..because I love seeing how much you are enjoying it” I say with a smirk. “I’ll mindf*ck you in RP, and in real life, I’ll f*ck your holes” I say with a smirk as I move her in our favorite position and begin to make love.

What this experience taught Kitten and I, is that it doesn’t matter if you have physical limitations or not. Even talking about your fantasies with your partner can trigger strong reactions and emotions in them. They say the greatest sex organ we have is our mind. Foreplay and seduction leads to great intimacy and a satisfying sex life. Your size, shape or age doesn’t matter – turn on your partner’s mind and the rest will follow. 

Fair winds to you all and thank you for reading!

Until next time, 

The Captain