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Captain’s Musings #2: How do we weave our Cg/l relationship throughout our day?

Good evening friends! 

Tonight, we’ll talk about something that everyone has to deal with alongside their Cg/l relationship. How do we weave our Cg/l relationship with real life responsibilities each day? For Kitten and I, we’ve found a good balance which incorporates bursts of little space throughout the day. Kitten has full responsibilities at home educating kiddo, being a homemaker, all while running this community. I, on the other hand, have a full time day job that requires me to deal with tech related issues. If it sounds like our plates are full, that’s because they are! So how do we find the time?

Throughout our years of being a Cg/l couple, Kitten and I have developed several strategies in order to be able to navigate the day. I’d like to share them here with you with the understanding that everyone’s situation is different and you will likely have to modify and adapt them to your needs. I do hope these will help inspire you in your relationship.

  1. Start the day right.  Kitten usually wakes up first and gently nudges me awake. I get up and go through my morning preparation for work while I re-tuck her into bed to get about 15-20 more minutes of snooze time. When I am ready to head out to work, I make sure I give her a kiss and a big hug and to tell her: “Daddy loves you very much. I’ll talk to you shortly, okay?”. I do this so that she knows that she is loved and cared for and that I am thinking of her.
  2. Take 5 minutes to reconnect. As soon as I get to work, I take 5 minutes to reconnect online with Kitten before I start working. We tell each other about anything and everything in our heart space and how we are doing physically, mentally and emotionally. We call this our heart space chat. This quick routine sets us up for a very successful day because we feel that connection over the distance.
  3. Spend breaks to check in.  I use my breaks between doing work tickets/issues to connect with her. I do a quick check in just to say hi or to check in how she’s doing. It helps make her feel that she’s wanted and loved and always in the forefront of my mind.
  4. Setting expectations when it gets busy. Sometimes, I get very busy at work and it can’t be helped that I need to focus on fixing something or working on an extra long ticket issue. Kitten and I have established key words to tell each other. When I say “red”, it means I’m in the middle of something critical and I can’t lose my train of thought and need to focus on the job. She knows immediately that she needs to entertain herself at that moment with the understanding that when I am once again available, I will connect with her immediately.
  5. Keep engaged over the distance. Throughout the day, we quickly send each other funny jokes, memes, or even clips of trailers of movies that we really wanna watch over date time in the evening. Sometimes even when it’s super busy, a simple “I miss you and I can’t wait to see you” goes a long way.
  6. Make them a part of your schedule. Got a meeting coming up in the next couple days? Need to do some site work that takes you away from your desk? Pull your little in and let them know. I let Kitten know my plans for the week as soon as I know them so that she can plan ahead on which times I will be busy and which times we can freely connect. It’s a peace of mind that you can offer your little and it only takes a little time.
  7. Finally, practice consistency. My final tip is: be consistent. Nothing builds trust more than being consistent and always being there for your little. For Kitten and I, we’ve been doing these techniques for years and the reason we have been really successful with them is that we are consistent with each other. However, it’s also important to be open to improvement. So we constantly give each other feedback on how we can improve and in that way, we continue to grow together.

That’s it for tonight, folks! I hope you all enjoyed this post and picked up some strategies and tips that you can use for your current (or future) Cg/l relationship. As always, if you would like to receive reminders on new posts, please go ahead and subscribe to our feed below and we encourage you to comment to let us know your thoughts. I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week and I will see you again soon! 

Fair winds to you all and thank you for reading!

Until next time, 

Captain Quinn