60 Days of Little Introspection, Day 2: What is the most difficult aspect about being an Adult Little?

A funny thing happens when you age, suddenly things that seemed so stressful when you were younger don’t seem nearly as important. Life has a strange way of humbling the spirit and so, too, does this rule apply with being an Adult Little. I remember when I first entered the lifestyle. At the time, I had entered the lifestyle while the Captain had not. Being on my own in the lifestyle bothered me a little, but I spent my days consuming as much information as I could. I devoured books off Amazon, watched tons of lifestyle YouTubers, and began connecting with people on various social media platforms. Meeting other Littles and dominants was both exciting (and if I’m being brutally honest) a bit dramatic at times. 

Being so new to the lifestyle I didn’t yet feel confident in myself and who I am as a Little. I hadn’t yet carved out my own style of being a Little so I began emulating what I had read and saw online. I stocked my closet full of onesies and created an entire area of my home to a play area. My marital bed began filling up with plushies and movie night gravitated more and more towards Disney and Pixar movies. The upside of me diving into the lifestyle head-first was that it pulled the Captain in quickly, and he began his own journey as a Daddy. But the downside of consuming so much social media about being a Little was that I often felt “inadequate” when I looked at other Littles online. I would see other Littles who were slim with perfect pigtails, and I would envy them. I’m not proud to admit it, but here in this space I will always be brutally honest, and the truth is that I’m a short, stumpy, plump Little. My legs will never be long, slim legs that wear thigh high tights and chunky, kawaii heels. My curls and thick hair will never rest in picture perfect pigtails. But you know what? They don’t need to! 

As I aged throughout my 30’s I began to learn more about myself as a submissive and what I want out of a Cg/l relationship. I saw my very first white hairs come into my hair and all I could do was smile. It was a humbling moment. Over time I embraced myself as a Little who is also a minimalist. I grew kinder towards myself as I balanced my time as a parent and as a Little. I accepted the fact that I can’t be Little all the time. Heck, I have to even schedule little space time! But in this process of embracing who I am, and my reality, I began to let go of unrealistic expectations. Those unrealistic expectations have been the most difficult aspect about being a Little. 

Being a Little isn’t difficult. It’s such a beautiful, loving, kind, playful part of ourselves. We are unique snowflakes in a vast, diverse world. But I encourage all of us to remember that there is no right or wrong way to be a Little. One person might consider their lifestyle a kink, while another person does not. One Little might describe their play space as sexual and NSFW while another Little prefers a completely wholesome, SFW little space. Some littles prefer to have a dominant while others do not. How we regress also varies by each individual as well! My point is that in our community I implore each and every one of you to have deeper compassion and understanding for your fellow little. There is room enough for ALL of us in the community. Let’s embrace our differences, celebrate our similarities, and rejoice in what makes each of us unique and special. Be different! Be yourself, because you don’t need to be anyone but you. Until next time, my friends. Thank you for reading! 

~Penny x