60 Days of Little Introspection, Day 3: How did you discover that you’re an Adult Little?

Good Afternoon Friends! 

I hope you all are doing well. Today I’m sitting here reflecting on today’s introspection question. I decided to kick off this site’s blog space with 60 days of introspection because I want you all to get to know me, as I am, today. While I have been in the lifestyle for many years, like everyone, I continually evolve and change. So, too, does my writing evolve and change. That said, by doing 60 days of introspective writing it is my hope that you can peer into my heart and see who I am, what I stand for, and where I come from. Today we are examining how I discovered that I am an Adult Little. 

If I’m being completely transparent here, I’ve known that I was different from other adults long before I ever got into the lifestyle. I remember feeling shy and almost embarrassed that I still enjoyed “baby things” when I was in my 20’s. At the time, with previous partners, in our vanilla relationship, I couldn’t understand why I was attracted to all things youthful and designed for young children. They would call me “immature” or “juvenile”. At the time it really hurt my feelings. But no matter how much I wanted to suppress that part of myself it kept finding subtle ways of coming to the forefront. I would end up neck-deep in arts and crafts covered with glitter. I would go shopping and while the other girls picked out their favorite “little black dress” I ended up in a tutu and sequined shirt. For hours I romped around the mall trying to find a single pair of sneakers that would light up when I walked. (I finally purchased those a few years ago online!). 

Yes, being a Little was a part of me before I ever had the language to put to the feeling. It was only when I entered the lifestyle that suddenly I felt like a young child whose eyes were truly opened for the first time. Since I’m all about radical honesty here, I must confess that the Captain was not my first dominant. I know that’s probably quite shocking, but it’s true. I had a brief relationship with a younger dominant that was completely online. In those few months I learned that there was an entire global community of people like me who felt little inside, and yearned to regress into the mental state of a young child as a way of release, joy, and complete happiness. After that bond ended, I jumped in head first learning everything I could about being an Adult Little. I wanted to understand the psychology behind it. I wanted to understand why I feel the way I do. So…. I read, a lot! I also reached out online to other Littles and began making friends in the lifestyle. 

As I tiptoed (okay, ran head-first) into the lifestyle, the Captain was on his own journey of self-reflection. (You can read more about that in the Dominant’s section 😉 ). He and I would come together shortly thereafter and begin building our relationship and D/s bond that has carried us now for almost 7 years. It’s really quite remarkable. 

So, how did I discover that I’m an Adult Little? The short answer is that it has always been a part of me. I have always considered myself to be an eclectic, playful, whimsical soul. But, perhaps some of these things that I love also resonate with you? Here is a short list of things I love that define my Little Space: 

  • I love all things Sanrio! I even collected the Sanrio Animal Crossing: New Horizons villagers just to get their items! 

  • I am a huge Studio Ghibli head! I have seen almost every movie, cooked some Ghibli recipes, and even collected Ghibli home decor. 

  • I love the color PINK! I have pink luggage, pink clothing, pink pajamas, pink hats, and I even have a cute pink pepper spray for my purse! (lol) 

  • I simply adore plushies! While I don’t have too many stuffed animals, the ones I do have are super sacred to me and each has their own name. 

  • I love stickers, scented candles, and everything Fall. 

  • I collect mugs with silly sayings that make me giggle. (Yorkshire black tea is my drink of choice!). 

  • I squeal when a new Disney movie comes out. “Turning Red” was soooo good and I highly recommend it! 

  • I can’t listen to the Moana soundtrack without wiggling and doing the hula. 

  • I love eating animal-shaped food, and cutting up fruit to look like cute pictures on my plate. 

  • I am often dancing around the room to music of all kinds. 

  • I love unicorns, mermaids, and pirates! 

Alright that’s it from me for this post. I hope you all enjoyed it! If you did, please consider joining us here on the website by signing up with your email. You’ll get all of these posts right into your inbox and you’ll get the latest printables, games, and activities as they come out. And until then I will see you right back here! Have a wonderful day! 

Much love,

~Penny x