60 Days of Little Introspection, Day 4: Is it easy or difficult for you to fall into Little Space?

When I think about my journey as a Little I have to reflect on how far I’ve come in being able to regress with ease because I wasn’t always like that. In the very beginning of my journey I remember being timid when I would try to get into Little Space. A major part of this was that I am a Mom. Back when I first got into the lifestyle my daughter was young. She was a ball of energy who had a bedtime at 8 pm. These days my daughter is an independent teenager who is aware of what Little Space is. While I still make sure to do Little Space after she goes to bed, it’s much easier for me to have time to regress because my daughter heads off to her room for her own personal time. 

I know I have evolved in my confidence as a Little over the years. In the beginning I kept trying to mirror what I saw on social media accounts and assumed that is what a Little “should act like” or “should wear”. It took a lot of undoing to realize that every adult little assumes their own version of Little Space, just as every child is uniquely different. These days I prefer to wear comfortable pajamas and curl up to Disney movies, or play Animal Crossing on the Nintendo Switch. I once heard that as you get older you begin to care less about what other people think about you. I don’t know if that’s true, but I certainly feel more sure about who I am and care less about “fitting into” the community stereotypes now at 37 years old. 

There have been many steps along the way that I’ve woven into my Little Space to help guide myself, and discover what I like as a Little and what I don’t. Here are a few steps that I’ve taken, and perhaps these can help inspire you too 🙂 : 

  1. I used a free task pdf chart to keep myself accountable to the things I needed to achieve each day (or tasks Daddy wanted me to do). 

  2. I began to change my wardrobe to reflect the type of Little that I want to be. I wear clothing that represents who I am regardless of my regressed age. 

  3. As a person who is non-binary I wear bracelets to signal to Daddy if I’m feeling more masculine or feminine each day. 

  4. I have a tendency to get claustrophobic and so collars were always a struggle for me. These days Daddy and I have matching, engraved, steel bracelets that we wear to represent our D/s bond. 

  5. I have learned to show compassion to myself in my actual little play space because many times I don’t want to watch cartoons. Instead I want to watch a drama show or reality TV. My little self gears more towards Middle Space in those times, and I have learned to accept this part of myself and embrace myself where I am in my journey. 

  6. I love cute kawaii items. But I’m also a minimalist too. One step I’ve taken over the years is to understand that it’s okay to like something without needing to buy it and bring it into my environment. I can appreciate things without covering myself in total pastel colors. (Though I LOVE pastel clothing… it’s a work in progress lol). 

My point in all these ramblings is that I have been on both sides of the fence. It has been difficult to get into Little Space, so if you’re struggling regressing I totally get it. And these days I regress easily, so if you’re in “that boat” I understand the feeling too. At the end of the day, because being a Little is a part of us, it’s a process…. A journey… and one that I would encourage you to take slowly and be compassionate to yourself. You are worthy of having a Little Space that makes you feel safe, comfortable, and easy to regress. You are worthy of expressing yourself as a Little, Adult Baby, Middle, Babyfur, Lolita, or any other form of age regression that you choose! You are worthy of being free to be your most unique self and that is acknowledging and embracing this part of yourself. Know that I’m here cheering you on every step of the way. 

I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday and I will see you back here in the next post! Please consider scrolling down and commenting. I’d love to hear from you! And join us via email in the signup box below! 

Much love,

~Penny x