60 Days of Little Introspection, Day 5: What is the most enjoyable aspect about being an Adult Little?

Good Afternoon Friends!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day. We are so close to the weekend, and I don’t know about you but I am ready for some rest and relaxation! Today we are examining the most enjoyable aspects about being an Adult Little. I decided to share with you three different points that I love about being a Little because I couldn’t choose just one. Are you ready to jump in with me? Then, let’s dive in.

1. The ability to express my true identity:

My name is Penny Berry and I am 37 years old. I am also non-binary and transgender. Only in the past year have I come out to my closest friends and family as being trans/non-binary and begun my journey on HRT (more on that in another post!). When I first began my journey “out” as a Little I was still identifying as a little girl. At the time I remember struggling because while I love all things pink and kawaii, I didn’t feel as “girly” as the other cis-female Littles that I met in the lifestyle. I always felt a bit different. There was so much DDLG content that I felt that it was the “safe” route to go when entering the lifestyle.

Years rolled along and I grew as a person and as a Little. Eventually I sat down with my incredible husband and came out as transgender (FTM) and non-binary. “I’m just, like, a really girly guy!” I blurted out. I was crying and terrified of losing him. Instead, he embraced me with the deepest love, understanding, and empathy that still continues to blow my mind. I joined a local trans support group, consulted an endocrinologist, and began my journey on HRT. Suddenly it was as if a veil had been lifted from my eyes. With every injection I felt more “right” inside of myself. These feelings trickled over into my Little Space too. I didn’t want to be defined as DDLG anymore (and I didn’t want my future books to be only for little girls either!). I knew that I was non-binary, gender fluid, and wanted to live a life as a person and as a Little being undefined. I wanted to simply be Little, and how amazing it is that there are terms in our lifestyle that are non-gender specific. Daddy now calls me his baby, little one, kitten, or his little bean. I melt every time! I am also writing more books (to be published this year) that are all free of gender and geared towards solo littles, so stay tuned to this site for those updates!! 🙂

2. Loving little things without apology, especially as I age:

As I stated above, I am 37 years old. I know that I’m not “old” per say, but sometimes I giggle a little when I see the next generation of adult littles because it makes me feel older. 😉 The truth is that I’m in my mid-life. I have a daughter who is entering high school next year. I get aches and pains in places where they didn’t exist 10 years ago, and I can no longer eat all of the little snacks I used to love simply because I want to. (It’s so much harder to lose weight the older you get!).

And yet, I am a proud adult little!

While there are limitations that might make me different from a younger little, there are things that I love that we might have in common. I love cute, kawaii, Japanese things. I adore Studio Ghibli movies and often call Daddy my Totoro because I love snuggling up on his tummy! I love to color on the app Happy Color, playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons, squeal at Sanrio decor, and swoon over baby animal YouTube videos. I love stickers, coloring books, and being read to before I fall asleep. I like nightcore music, tea cookies, and everything Christmas! Yes, I am a Little and the older I get the more I appreciate my Little Space because it is such a sacred moment of time when I regress.

3. Regressing to feel a sense of mental release and relaxation:

When I’m regressed, or feeling “little, little” as Daddy and I say for our code phrase, I become mentally unburdened. Suddenly I take off the hat of being Mom, author, teacher, chef, etc. and put on my tiny, sequined beret that is my Little Space. I feel playful, talkative, and silly. I get wiggly and yearn to move around without a care in the world. I often listen to music in little space and babble while singing a song. I become snuggly and wiggle my head under Daddy’s arm, glancing up at just the right moment to see him grin from ear to ear as my head slips between his arm and body.

My little space age is between 4-6 years old. This was a time of pure joy for me and I have fond memories of kindergarten. Like when I was a child, I love to read books in little space, play outside, and listen to music. I hug my plushie bear, Silvia, to my chest and burrito under a mound of throw blankets. Little space for me is the time when I can mentally unburden myself for just a little bit of time and mentally decompress. Like a big rig letting out air in its brakes, so too does my brain blow off steam when I regress in age. It’s magical, cathartic, and such a wonderful part of life.

What aspects about little space do YOU enjoy? Comment and let me know! I’d love to hear from you! Until then, I hope you all have a fantastic rest of the day and I will see you back here tomorrow!

Much love,

~Penny x