60 Days of Little Introspection, Day 8: 30 Ways to Put Yourself into Little Space

Good Afternoon Friends!

As we kick off a new week together I wanted to weave this post into our 60-day stretch because I think it’s important that Littles learn how to regress by themselves. Having a Dominant or Caregiver is wonderful, but it’s equally as important to know how to slip into little space without anyone’s help. That said, today I’m going to share with you 30 different ways to regress without anyone’s help. Are you ready? Then, let’s dive in!

Physical Ways to Regress: 

  • Bottle feeding: Grab your favorite bottle and beverage and nestle up as you quietly drink from your bottle. (If you don’t have an adult feeding bottle, I recommend getting the fast-flow nipple for mason jars. It’s VERY affordable and works so well!).

  • Watch a show that makes you feel tiny: Think about what shows you loved as a child, or a cartoon show that makes you feel happy inside and put it on.

  • Wear a favorite outfit: Oftentimes, we think we need to wear a onesie to be a Little, but that isn’t true at all! You need to wear whatever clothing makes you feel small. Wear it with pride and feel tiny inside.

  • Hug a plushie or ten: Everyone has that favorite plushie/stuffy that they enjoy. Pull out yours and cuddle close with it.

  • Try coloring a picture: Personally I love the “Happy Color” app but there are a ton of free coloring pages to print off, or little space coloring books to enjoy.

  • Complete an activity book designed for Littles: We have a variety to choose from in our shop! 😉

  • Get a kids meal from a drive-thru: No one will stop you from ordering a happy meal from McDonald’s or a kids meal from another franchise. Try getting a kids meal the next time you want fast food. (You get a toy too!).

  • Eat a little snack or food: Heat up some chicken nuggets, try some goldfish crackers, eat some grapes, or a bowl of macaroni and cheese. The next time you feel hungry try making your food reflect something that you enjoyed as a child to push you into feeling small.

  • Read a picture book: There are soooo many wonderful picture books to choose from. Get a card to your local library and go wild reading books!

  • Shower with a new, fun product: from washable crayons to draw on the shower wall, to bath bombs, to bubble bath there is always something fun to use to make your shower feel silly, playful, and create a little space.

Mental Ways to Regress: 

  • Think about a happy memory: Try thinking about your favorite childhood memory. What were you doing? How did you feel at that moment? Allow your mind to go back and feel small again as that happiness fills you up inside.

  • Put on music to set the mood: Music is a universal language and is an excellent tool to help you mentally regress into little space. Create a playlist that reflects how you feel as a Little. You can also listen to a music box before you go to sleep at night to feel small and have sweet dreams!

  • Make a mental note of when you yearn to regress and what the triggers are: It’s important to understand as a Little not only what makes you regress, but when you desire to regress. Do you only regress when you’re afraid? Do you regress when you have separation anxiety? Establishing a pattern of behavior within yourself when you regress will help you learn more about who you are as an Adult Little and why you regress when you do.

  • Create a space that emotionally feels safe and private: Most Littles are shy to regress in public and this is natural. Society can be very judgmental towards our lifestyle so it’s important for you to create a space to regress that makes you feel safe, protected, and is private enough for you to feel comfortable.

  • Give yourself an uplifting mantra: Like this!

Disney saying
  • Go for a walk in the sunshine: Sometimes it’s easy to forget that the sun gives us vitamin D which provides a mental boost! Go slather on some sunscreen and go for a walk outside!

  • Create a dream list of your perfect little space: Taking baby steps towards the larger goal of what you desire for your Little Space all begins with a dream. Draw a picture of your little space, or write it down in a journal page. Create those goals and then break them down into manageable steps that you can work towards.

  • Nap in your favorite pajamas: Getting plenty of rest has many mental health benefits. Why not put your little space into your nap time? Wiggle into your favorite, comfortable pajamas and take a peaceful nap! You’ll wake up feeling refreshed and you can smile knowing that you are wearing something that makes you feel small, happy, and safe.

  • Create an ambiance for regression in your bedtime routine: Here are a few ideas to think about weaving into your nighttime routine: plug in a nightlight, turn on soft music, watch a kids show an hour before bedtime, read a picture book quietly, put on a scent in a diffuser that evokes a memory of childhood, get your plushies, pillows, and blankets into a comfortable nest to sleep, etc.

  • Self-soothe with a pacifier: If you yearn to soothe yourself with sucking your thumb, try using a pacifier instead! There are many pacifiers for adult littles that are very affordable, and there are even ones that have a plushie attached to the pacifier to hold onto!

Social Ways to Regress: 

  • Talk in a lifestyle forum: There are many lifestyle forums for you to meet other littles, engage in lively discussions, and create a profile to express yourself. We have a list right here on our site for you to explore at the bottom of the page.

  • Sign up to a little space lifestyle site: Might I humbly suggest that you scroll down and sign up with your email to get daily updates from us with little space blog posts, activities, and new products? 🙂 We’d love for you to join our subscriber list!

  • Attend a munch: There is an excellent directory service link where you can find a munch or event closest to where you live. It’s a wonderful way to make local friends in the lifestyle. Check it out!

  • Watch a Disney Sing-A-Long video and sing: Disney+ has some excellent sing-along videos for you to enjoy and sing to your heart’s content!

  • Join a Discord server for Littles: Discord is a wonderful (FREE!) way to make friends, chat, enjoy online events, and see resources all within the safety of a well-managed server. Here is an online directory of various Discord servers for Littles.

  • Read a little space blog: I know several friends who have excellent little space blogs. If you are new to reading blogs about being a little I recommend Rebella’s blog and my blog!

  • Watch an Adult Little on YouTube: There are many Littles out there making videos for you to browse and get a feel for how Littles live out the lifestyle. Princess Taysharni is an excellent YouTuber that I recommend. Remember to use YouTube videos as inspiration, but to always remain true to your authentic self!

  • Follow a Little on Instagram: Take a moment to browse Instagram and follow littles in the lifestyle, and don’t forget to come say hi and follow us on Instagram too! 🙂

  • Browse Little Space things on Pinterest: I absolutely LOVE browsing Pinterest! There are literally thousands of cute little space pictures, items, and things to enjoy browsing. Create a board under a free account and make a dream board for yourself! It’s such a fun way to see what’s out there in the lifestyle.

  • Join in a discussion about Little Space on Reddit: Reddit is a fast easy way to connect with other littles and dominants alike and interact with the community. Give it a try and join a little space thread!

Alright friends, that’s it from me for this post! I hope you all enjoyed it. If you did, please consider joining us down at the bottom by entering your email and signing up to get posts delivered right into your inbox. It’s FREE and super easy so go ahead and join us! Until next time have a wonderful night and I will see you back here for the next topic!

Much love,

~Penny x