60 Days of Little Introspection, Day 13: What are some phrases or things that put you into Little Space?

Good Morning Friends! 

I hope you all are having a great day. We are almost to the weekend and that means more time to be little. Woohoo! That said, today I am going to share with you things that put me into little space. I have been an adult little for 7 years now and so I have experimented with different ways to slip into Little Space. If there’s one piece of advice that I can give to you it’s to always keep finding ways to regress. You will always be evolving, changing, and growing as a person and as such your little space will evolve too. So, keep on learning more about what you like and what makes you feel small. Are you ready to learn more about my little space? Then, let’s jump in! 

  1. Learning to Regress on My Own: 

The desire to be Little lies within you. It’s a part of your soul that has always been there waiting to be unearthed. All you need to do is reach inside yourself, take hold of your inner Little, and let it shine on the outside. But how do you do that? Every adult little is different. For each person there are different sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and things to touch that will invoke the feeling of regression. For me I love nostalgic cartoons of the 1990’s. Watching the original Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood or Oswald always makes me feel tiny and content. I love snacking on chicken nuggets with sweet potato french fries, or making myself a small bowl of crackers. What kinds of things make you feel little inside? 

Along my journey I discovered that my husband wouldn’t be available all the time to help me regress. Between both of us jugging work, our daughter’s activities, and our own personal hobbies we were busy! There have been bunches of times when I feel small and he isn’t around. I learned that the best thing I can do is to regress on my own without needing my Daddy to help me get into the mindset. When I’m feeling little and he isn’t around I slip away to my bed and snuggle up. I might pop on a cartoon or a Disney movie. Other times I turn on my Spotify playlist that I created with little space tunes. I set the mood for myself and then relax. I let go of the to-do list that is a never ending reel in my mind, and I temporarily press pause on the house chores so that I can simply be present in the moment. I give myself the privacy and compassion to babble softly to myself, and be tiny, safe, and protected. In this moment where it’s just me in little space I feel happy, vulnerable, quiet, and calm. Life becomes simple and I am completely present in the moment. It’s wonderful, and I encourage you to create your own “nest” to be little at home. Allow yourself time to be small and to indulge in regressing with or without a caregiver. 

2. Phrases That Make Me Regress: 

If you have a Caregiver, Daddy, Mommy, Babysitter, etc. there are many phrases that they can say to push you into the feeling of regressing. For me, Daddy says many things that instantly make me feel small. Here are a few of my favorites: 

  • “Come snuggle on Dada’s chest”

  • “Let me cut up your food for you, Kitten. Your mouth is too tiny to bite that”. 

  • “Buckle up, Kitten! I don’t want you to get hurt”. 

  • “Hold Daddy’s hand when you cross the street”. 

  • “ Turn around so Daddy can scrub your back nice and clean”. 

  • “ Are you feeling little right now?” 

  • “You are such a good Kitten!” 

  • “Daddy is so proud of you. I love you SO much!” 

  • “Ooooh someone is getting sleepy”. 

  • “Kitten has wiggly toes! Would you like to go for a walk with Daddy?” 

  • “You will always be my special baby”. 

Just typing this out here in the blog I’m grinning from ear to ear. Daddy knows exactly what to say to make me regress and feel so loved, protected, and cherished. If you don’t have a Dominant or Caregiver, I encourage you to listen to something that will help ease you into the mindset. Put on a favorite animated TV show, or listen to a song that makes you feel little inside. Having those auditory resources will be invaluable to helping you make time for little space. 

3. Being a Non-Binary Little: 

I wanted to wrap up this post by just touching upon what Daddy and I do in our relationship because I’m a non-binary little. In our lifestyle we often see the phrase DD/lg or Md/lb, etc. There are little boys and little girls. But what do you do if you’re non-binary? In our case, we fluidly shift back and forth between using boy, girl, baby, Kitten, and Little. I let Daddy know how I’m feeling each morning as I proudly announce that I am his “Little Prince” or “Little Princess” and give a happy twirl. Daddy will then kiss me and know how to address me for the day. Other times he will just call me his “special baby” or his “Kitten Kaboodle”, which is completely unisex. Once upon a time at the start of our Cg/l relationship we were Dd/lg. But once I came out as non-binary things shifted and adapted for us. Here on our site all of our newly published books (2022-onward) are entirely gender neutral. We approach our projects with the same love and compassion that we put into our relationship and believe that it matters less what gender a Little is, but instead that the Little is comfortable and being called with a name they prefer. 

Alright my friends, that’s it from me for this post. I hope you all enjoyed it! If you did, please comment and subscribe below. Have a wonderful rest of the day and I will see you back here for the next topic! 

Much love, 

~Penny x