Weekly Updates

Exciting Things Happening This Week!

Good Afternoon Friends!

I hope you all are having a wonderful start to the week. Around here the Captain and I have been busy at work getting the site up and going, and prepping for some fun events just for YOU! There are so many fun things to join in on so let’s just jump right into it, shall we? 🙂

🐷Tomorrow: 🐷

It’s Peppa Pig’s Birthday!!

Yes! Tomorrow is another Little Space Celebration Day and so we will be posting up all kinds of fun activities, recipes, videos, and more for you to join in and enjoy! Come along with us and celebrate Peppa’s special day!

Other Events Happening This Week:

  • The official 2022 Little Space Calendar is posted to the site! On there you can see all of the celebration days for the entire year! In addition, it includes North American Little Space events and conventions (with links) for you to attend at a venue near you! So, please check it out and enjoy! 🥰
  • Each day we have FREE Little Space puzzles and games in our printables area for you to play! The theme rotates regularly so be sure to check back often and see what games we have posted for the week!
  • We also have our lifestyle documents area posted with free printables for you and your partner to browse and use as you need.
  • We will also be starting a once a week Little Space Virtual Field Trip! These events will have you touring places all over the globe and interacting with videos and live cams of cute places as you complete the printable we made just for YOU! With many age play conventions cancelled or postponed for 2022 we wanted to bring you safe, pandemic-friendly field trips to put you in Little Space that you can complete right from the comfort of your home! This week’s virtual field trip is: A Virtual Tour of the United States Botanical Garden! This event will be posted Saturday April 16th, 2022. Come join us! 💐
  • And lastly, we will be continuing to discuss topics as we march along in the 60 days of Little Introspection series!

🥳 Publishing News: 🥳

In other EXCITING news, the Captain and I will be publishing our first book back since our break! This week I can’t WAIT to unveil… 🌷🌈☀️ The Spring Busy Book for Adult Littles: 50 Activities for the Independent Little to Enjoy!☀️🌈🌷 Yes! We have another activity book just for Littles coming this week!! The format for this book will be slightly different from past books. Here’s what you can expect:

  • 100% of the activities in this workbook are designed for Littles to complete independently. You can choose to do them with your Dominant if you wish, but having a partner isn’t necessary to do these games and puzzles.
  • Gone are the words DDLG! In our effort to be more inclusive we are simply referring to everyone as an Adult Little! The activities included are now 100% gender neutral in an effort to include all littles. 🌈All Littles Matter! 🌈
  • More variety in games with colorful graphics! In this book we created brand new games for you to enjoy that you’ve never experienced before in our other activity books!
  • Much more challenging! You asked, and we listened! In this activity book, while it is geared for Littles to enjoy in little space, this book is going to get your brain thinking! 🧐 From crosswords to scattergories to brain teasers and more, this book is going to have you feeling small, yet using your beautiful mind to solve each game! We hope it gives you hours and hours of fun in Little Space!
  • Catering to our U.K. Little-Friends!💂🏼‍♂️ We also included content that would help our Little Friends “across the pond” in the U.K. to enjoy our books too! Any number counting activities or price games are shown both in the US Dollar and Pound Sterling. Celsius has also been included along with Fahrenheit. We want to make our books as enjoyable as possible for ALL our readers/Littles across the globe.

Please stay tuned this week for the official launch of this brand new busy book! 🥳

💻Social Media:💻

If you haven’t already done so, I encourage you to follow me on Instagram: @lspaceleague I am constantly posting quotes, games, etc. up there for all littles to enjoy!

Alright my friends, that’s it from me for updates this week! Stay tuned for all of the fun adventures ahead. If you haven’t already, please like and follow us here on the site and come along for all the exciting times ahead! Have a wonderful rest of the day and I will see you back here in the next post!

Much love,

Penny x