Weekly Updates

Weekly Update! April 17-23,2022

🐰Good Morning Friends and “Hoppy” Sunday!🐰

(Oh yes, there will be plenty of groan-worthy Easter puns in this blog post so get ready lol). Today I am updating you on all of the fun, exciting things happening around the Little Space League this week!

🥕New Weekly Printables: 🥕

If you love solving new puzzles and games, I encourage you to check out the FREE weekly printables section of this site! We have new printables being uploaded almost daily that you can print off and enjoy! Today’s free printable is: Emoji Pictionary (Theme: Dr. Seuss Book Titles!).

💐More Blog Post Topics for the Week:💐

This week we are going to be covering a variety of topics in the daily blog! From being an older “seasoned” Little to bratting to discipline and more, we are going to dissect each of these topics in great detail and give you plenty of information and resources to help you feel more secure in your Little Space as you continue forward in your own journey. So, please stay tuned right here for every daily post!

🌻Another Little Space Virtual Field Trip on Saturday!:🌻

Every Saturday we are hosting a Little Space Virtual Field Trip! Yesterday we went to the Babyland General Hospital (home of the Cabbage Patch Kids) in Cleveland, Georgia. This week we will be heading to: The Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, Georgia! Get ready to learn all about ocean life, complete some amazing activities designed just for YOU, and (of course!) see live cams of adorable aquarium critters!

🌈“Hoppy” Easter Sunday Memes: 🌈

I am a jokester at heart. Anyone who knows me knows that I love to have a good belly laugh. So, today I am leaving this post with a few memes to get you chuckling and having a good time. I hope you all have a wonderful, restful day and I can’t WAIT to dive into all of these exciting activities all week long together!

Much love,

~Penny x