Submission 101 Series

Submission 101: Non-Sexual Life Skills for Littles (and Little Space Dates Too!)

Good Afternoon Friends!

We are on the final post of this Submission 101 series. My, how time flies! I hope you all have enjoyed this series as much as I have loved putting it together for you. In today’s post I am going to keep things simple. I want to focus on Littles who are in long distance relationships and give you some life skills to make your relationship flow more smoothly. Of course these can also apply to Littles in live-in or local relationships. But, I wanted to give an “extra helping hand” to those in LDR’s because, quite frankly, being in a long distance relationship can be tough! We miss our Mommy, Daddy, or Caregiver dearly when we are apart! So, today let me toss you a rainbow colored lifeline and give you a grand list of life skills to help ease the distance, and my top ideas for long distance little space dates! Are you ready? Then, let’s dive in!

🌺Non-sexual Life Skills for Littles (Long Distance Relationships)🌺

  • ❤️Show up on time to every designated couples time virtual session with your partner
  • 🧡Communicate ahead of time to your partner if you are unable to attend a virtual play date. Never ghost someone. 
  • 💛Articulate your needs clearly and concisely to your partner if you need something for your Little Space before regressing. 
  • 💚Ask your partner for clarification if they give an instruction that you don’t understand. Be sure to ask politely. 
  • 💙Take any constructive criticism from your partner without an emotional outburst. 
  • 💜Be fully present when you are spending time with your long distance partner. Try not to be distracting when you are speaking with them. 
  • ❤️Set a time to sit down and put together an informal (or formal!) relationship contract which includes all of your soft and hard limits, needs, wants, desires, expectations, and so on. 
  • 🧡If you ever feel uncomfortable in a situation with your partner (or feel that you are in danger), respectfully speak up and say “no”. 
  • 💛When a task is given by your partner, complete it in a timely manner and show them proof of completion. 
  • 💚If you’re speaking with your partner and you have a different point of view, share it respectfully. Stand by your convictions but be open minded as well. Work with your partner to come to a reasonable agreement. 
  • 💙Be sure to have plenty of hobbies and activities you enjoy outside of your D/s relationship. This will keep you preoccupied when you are not able to speak to your partner. 
  • 💜Be transparent about your schedule. The more your partner knows about your day to day routine, the better off you two will be to schedule time together. 
  • ❤️Settle all conflicts as a couple when you are NOT regressed. You’ll need to be in your adult headspace to have calm, rational conflict resolution. 
  • 🧡If you get disciplined and punished for misbehaving with your Caregiver or Dominant, take your punishment gracefully and learn from your mistakes. 
  • 💛Get creative with your long distance play dates! Here are a few ideas to get your brain bubbling:

🌺Non-Sexual Long Distance Little Space Date Ideas!🌺

  1. 🌈Spend an hour making a Little Space music playlist together. Then share the file and jam to music as a couple! 
  2. 🌈Send your Little tasks via email each morning. It will be like a special letter they can open each day and know they are loved. 
  3. 🌈Schedule a time on the weekend when you both can sit down and have donuts and juice together. Pickup your favorite donuts and juice from the grocery store and have a weekend morning breakfast together on video camera. 
  4. 🌈Read your Little a picture book on video before they go to sleep at night. 
  5. 🌈Take fun quizzes together! Buzzfeed has tons of new quizzes all the time for you to take together and share your results. is also another great test to take and show your results with your partner. 
  6. 🌈If you own a Nintendo Switch, build an island together on Animal Crossing: New Horizon. It’s such an adorable game with loads of things to make and do! 
  7. 🌈Use a Watch2gether room (that’s free, secure, and doesn’t require any registration to use) to watch videos together! You can swap YouTube videos, TikTok videos, and more! 
  8. 🌈Send each other sweet text messages, gifs, and emails outside of video chatting to stay connected in between seeing each other. Whatsapp also has a voice message recording feature that works great for long distance couples. 
  9. 🌈Send each other a special birthday care package in the mail on your special birthdays! You both will feel so loved receiving a package from the other person. 
  10. 🌈Send your Little a special “Hug Me” plushie or pillow to hug when they miss you. This will help a lot! 
  11. 🌈Create a small daily ritual that helps you two begin and end the day together. This can be a text, sending a meme, or something else that resonates with you both. By doing so it will set the pattern of keeping you close each day. 
  12. 🌈Go on a virtual field trip together. (We have plenty right here on our site!) 😉 
  13. 🌈Have movie time together! Curl up on FaceTime and watch a Disney movie together at the same time. (You can even whip out your favorite snacks to show each other!). 
  14. 🌈Pizza party date: If possible, order pizzas from each other’s local pizza place nearby your homes. Surprise your partner with a pizza you think they would enjoy, and they will do the same with you. Then, hop on a video chat together and have a pizza dinner together!

Alright my friends, that’s it from me for this post. I hope you all enjoyed it! If you did, hit that like button and let me know. Smash that follow button if you’re new around here and I will see you back here for the next topic!

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