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Relationship Check Up… Check!

Good Evening Friends,

Tonight I am stepping back from my regular posts to just take a breath. It feels good. Tonight Daddy and I sat down for our once a month “relationship check up”. That’s what we call it. We shut down all of our devices and connect with each other. We set aside the video games, movies, and made a list of the following:

  • Any thoughts flowing in our brain
  • Things we are enjoying in our relationship
  • Things we wish to change and why
  • Things we are desiring
  • Feedback for each other
  • Goals for the upcoming 30 days

Start to finish it usually takes us about one hour to have our check up, but it feels so good when we are done. We feel so deeply connected to each other. We began this ritual a while ago when I was completely offline. He and I had been focusing on our marriage and really diving into each other. We had been going through a tough time and needed to learn ways to connect on a deeper level. This monthly check up was the perfect remedy to “keep a pulse” on how we were doing without being too excessive. Now that things are tremendously better and calm, he and I look forward to our “check up date night” as we call it.

If you’re desiring to have a relationship check up too I made a quick printable to use with your partner. I hope you enjoy it!

I hope you all have a wonderful evening. Just a quick reminder that tomorrow is Princess Belle’s Birthday so it will be another Little Space Celebration Day! Woohoo!! Have a wonderful night, my friends and I will see you back here in the morning!

Much love,

~Penny x