Little Space Virtual Field Trips

Little Space Virtual Field Trip #4: The Edinburgh Zoo!

🐯Good Morning Friends! 🐯

Are you ready to slip into little space and go on a grand adventure? I am too! Today we are heading off to Scotland to go on a Little Space Field Trip!!

Nestled in the capital of Scotland in the Northern region of the United Kingdom lies The Edinburgh Zoo full of animals waiting to play with you! Today we are going to explore five special animal exhibits with live webcams. But before we do, let’s pick up today’s packet of games and puzzles. You will need this packet as you move through todays field trip. (If you don’t have a printer, don’t worry. You can still watch our furry or feathered friends and have loads of fun! <3 ).

🐨The Edinburgh Zoo FREE Packet of Games and Puzzles! 🐨

Alternatively, if you have trouble viewing the live webcams you can take a tour of the zoo by watching this video:

🐼 Did you know that Edinburgh Zoo is the only zoo in Britain that has pandas and koalas? It’s true! Let’s begin our field trip by clicking on the Edinburgh Zoo website now. 🐼

Today we will be looking at five different animal exhibits on the live webcams. If you are unable to access the live webcams, you can follow along by watching each of the following videos below.

🐼Exhibit #1: Giant Pandas! 🐼

🐧Exhibit #2: Gentoo Penguins: 🐧

🐯Exhibit #3: Sumatran Tigers (Note: Tigers LOVE to sleep and rest in tall grass. So, if you can’t see them on the live webcam, please watch this video. You will be able to see Lucu and Dharma here!). 🐯

🐨Exhibit #4: Koalas (Note: Koalas actually sleep up to 18 hours a day! So, you might see them snoozing on the live webcams. Here in this video you can see them awake and alert with one of the Zoo staff members). 🐨

🐧Exhibit #5: Rockhopper Penguins🐧 (My favorite! They are called Rockhopper because they literally will hop from rock to rock in the wild. You can watch them on parade below!).

I hope you all have an AMAZING time on this virtual field trip! I had a blast creating these puzzles and games for you! And now, let’s go on an adventure together!

Much love,

~Penny x