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Yielding in Submission

Good Evening Friends,

Tonight I’m curled up in bed with a smirk on my lips. I want to tell you about my day and how submission came to the forefront in the most mundane circumstances. Like so many of you out there, when you’re in a D/s relationship it isn’t all about formal play sessions. Those are great, don’t get me wrong, but many times we are like ordinary, vanilla couples most of the time. We pay bills. We bitch about the traffic, and in today’s case, we spring clean the house. So, there Daddy and I were scrubbing down the house. The scent of lavender cleaning products filled the air and pesky dust bunnies were sucked up into the hoover.

I made it my mission to give the farm house a really good scrub down today. Over the years Daddy has learned that when I go into full cleaning mode that means things get moved around. Furniture gets shifted. Linens get washed. I look akin to the TV show, “Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners”. (If you’ve never watched it on YouTube it’s an awesome reality show and I highly recommend it! lol). In my chaotic whirl of Lysol wipes and vacuuming I wanted to rearrange the house. Suddenly, Daddy had the idea to move our eating table into the middle of the living room to be in front of the TV. I paused and looked at him quietly. I knew this white farmhouse-style kitchen table would eat up the living room space. I love open spaces. But, I’m also a submissive.

“Alright” I said calmly, “let’s give it a try”. He looked at me surprised. “You hate the idea, don’t you?” he smirked. After 10 years together we can read each other really well. “No” I giggled, “but I think it’s going to swallow up the room”. He stared at the open space trying to do mental measurements. In that moment it meant more to me that my husband…. my amazing Dominant… felt empowered to give his idea a try. Sure, the table would likely swallow up the room. And sure, we could move it and then take a look at it only to hate it in that space after all. But I knew that it was important that I, as his submissive, make him feel empowered… in control of the situation…. to feel confident in his decisions. I gave him my opinion, but we are in a power exchange relationship and that means that I yield to him. So, I snaked my arm through his and gave him a smile. “Come on” I said lovingly, “let’s move this dang thing”.

So, we moved the table. And it swallowed up the room. He grinned at me and shook his head. “It looks awful there” he laughed. I laughed too. We moved it back to where it was.

But you know what? He felt supported. He felt loved. Sometimes power exchange looks simple, like supporting your partner and yielding in the moments that matter most. Sometimes it’s understanding that although you could push for something you want, you choose instead to remain quiet, and support your Dominant because you choose to surrender power. It feels good to yield.

I hope everyone had a lovely day, and I can’t wait to write more tomorrow.

Much love,

~Penny x