Connecting Through Silence (Captain’s Ramblings)

Sometimes we just crave silence. In this busy world we live in, we are bombarded with all sorts of noise. From busy traffic on the streets, the constant chatter of devices (TV, computer, internet, etc.), to offspring requiring our constant attention, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. So when Penny and I did our recent relationship check up, one of the things I really wanted them to do was be able to take time each day to just be sit in quiet reflection.

Tonight, it unexpectedly came in the form of pet space. Penny crawled up to me as we were in bed enjoying a short, and rare time of quiet in our home and nuzzled up to me. I smiled and quietly brushed their hair/fur and let them lay there quietly. It’s so important for us to acknowledge and praise when we are obeyed. Penny’s eyes lit up as I kissed the top of their head and whispered, “That’s a good puppers”. We stayed like that for about 15 minutes and in that time, I felt very connected through silent touch.

Just a snuggly puppers.

At that moment, I didn’t think about how tomorrow will be another Monday – and the rat race begins anew. I didn’t think about chores that needed to be done, or worries that usually enter my mind as we approach the new week. That moment was simply defined by our shared existence and leaning on each other. Penny as my pet and I as the owner. It’s been amazing exploring different parts of ourselves. We have been Cg/l for the good part of the past decade and we’ve learned so much. We’re both ready to take the next steps to explore different aspects of being D/s.

For me, I’ve learned that I’ve come to depend on Penny for everything. From being able to get my home life together, they make sure my clothes are clean and ready for me and my meals are prepared and to the point where I have leaned on them to help me schedule work appointments. As someone new to being M/s I had my reservations in putting so much “work” and “servitude” on Penny…because as a caregiver my first instinct was to spoil and pamper them as much as I can. But, as we dive more into the mindset of a servant and Master, I’ve since learned that submitting through service is very fulfilling for them. And in so many ways, we do serve each other. In return for them doing all these things for me, I praise them, guide them and give them rewards in the form of books (which they adore!), pleasure, and most importantly quality time. I am able to give them this, because they help me so much with my needs that I end up with more to give them.

A servant’s heart is the true treasure.

As they days pass and we grow deeper in our bond, I’m looking forward to share more of my thoughts. What a wonderful beautiful thing this is, and we’re both like kids in a candy store. In fact, we recently purchased close to 50 books in order to learn more. It’s been a great investment in our relationship and I can’t wait to dive deeper and share more!

Until next time and fair winds!

The Captain

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    • Hey Storm! Thank you for your comment. Honestly, it has been a challenge getting the books in the first place! For some reason, either Amazon or USPS has a hiccup when we do a large order…but I digress, lol! To answer your question, since we both have our hands full with the site, spending time with kiddo and trying out new things for our relationship – we find it best to read them separately and then come together to discuss what we’ve learned. That way, it reinforces the learning because we’re repeating things to each other. It’s been such a nice way to reconnect and gives us a lot of food for thought. Cheers to you and have a great day!

  1. Happy Monday to You both. this post reminded me of a time when my over active daughter age 12 at the time came to me and said Dad can we just be quiet and cuddle for awhile. Thanks for reminding me that we all need quiet time. i , like Penny love the praise for giving service and fortunately Mistress Kate loves petting me head from time to time.
    Enjoy life and learning hot to love each other more.. Peace and love

    • Thanks for your comment! Yes completely agree on cuddles. It has always been one our primary love languages – touch. It centers the mind and it also has been proven to help with blood pressure and health. I absolutely will not trade it for anything in the world. Have a wonderful day!

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