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Jack Skellington’s Birthday and a Few Announcements

Good afternoon, Friends! Today’s post is brought to you by I, the Captain, on behalf of Penny. As their dominant, I wanted to step in and share today’s post about Jack Skellington’s birthday and a few announcements I wanted to make.

First off, Happy Birthday to the Pumpkin King himself, Jack Skellington! He rules over Halloween Town and the star of the movie “The Nightmare Before Christmas”, a veritable classic every holiday season. However, did you know that he was originally just an ordinary man from Kentucky before he died? And yes, his actual birthday is today, May 11th! So, from us here on the Little Space League, Happy Birthday to our bony friend!

Come and grab our printable packet for this celebration!

Now onto some announcements! First off, I wanted to give everyone a huge thanks for coming to our site each day and supporting us in our work. The site is a huge passion project of Penny and I, and it does take a lot of time and energy to keep things fresh and to always be putting out new content.

It’s wonderful getting to see the community come and enjoy our work and we’re grateful for all the love and support that continues to pour out from our friends. But, I also want to make sure that other aspects of our life and relationship are nurtured. A while back, Penny and I had our monthly relationship check in and one of the things we discussed is both of our needs to nurture our D/s relationship further. And that involves spending a lot of time doing activities we both love and enjoy, while also taking care of responsibilities. So I have made the decision to guide her into scaling back a bit on daily blogging and putting out content every single day. My primary focus is to make sure we strike a balance of work and play and also lots and lots of couple time. We are huge advocates of self-care and prioritizing doing things that better yourself as a person and so we are choosing to do so.

Does this mean we’re taking a break from the site? Yes, but it won’t be for too long. We still have a lot of goals and dreams that we want to achieve for the community and the site. What we’re doing is merely scaling back on frequency and amount of content we are putting out.

In the meantime, I hope you all continue to enjoy the various parts of the site that we have put in place. We have:

So, if you haven’t gotten a chance to get caught up in everything, this is the perfect time to do so! And if you haven’t already, do leave a like and a comment and don’t forget to follow the site (see the sidebar for more info) so that when the new batch of content comes out, you will be among the first to see it!

Until next time,

The Captain