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Sleepy Eyes and Sunny Skies [Penny’s Rambles]

Good Morning Friends!

This week I had a whole schedule planned out. Then I overworked myself. And then my loving husband/Dominant stepped in and put me in a much-needed penalty box for a few days. I admit that at first I panicked. “What if everyone misses us on the blog?” I yelped to him. He gave me a sweet smile. “Everyone will be fine” he assured me, “rest”. So, I did.

I began playing Animal Crossing: New Horizon again! That game always makes me feel little and happy with all the bright colors, and the ability to design your island however you wish. Currently I made my island into a Wild West Town. Howdy, partner!

I also began watching shows nightly with Daddy again. Instead of working the night away we nestled up and began watching Game of Thrones together. (I know, I know…. everyone on the planet has seen the whole series but us. But, finally we are going to work our way through the whole thing because I have to know what happens! We are in season 2 and it’s getting SO GOOD)!

With this space of quiet, rest, and calm comes a sense of renewal. As I slowly wade back into posting on here I am not going to be posting daily. That much I do know. But, I will be posting several times a week so that way I am always creating, always giving something back to my fellow littles. And that feels good. 🙂

I have missed you all and hope you are well. As we move into the weekend I wish everyone a beautiful day, lots of rest and recharge, and know that a post will be coming soon. Big hugs all around!

Much love,

~Penny x