Little Space Virtual Field Trips

Little Space Virtual Field Trip #4: Walt Disney World!

✨Good Morning Friends! ✨

What an EXCITING day it is today! We are off on another grand adventure together as we head off to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, U.S.A.!! We have Disney games for you to complete, we have Disney rides for you to explore, and of course… we have LOTS of Disney characters! Come along with us on this magical (virtual) adventure that you can complete right from your own home! For this virtual field trip you will need to pick up your FREE pdf of puzzles, games, and special little space instructions first. So, go ahead and click there now.

✨Walt Disney World FREE pdf packet of puzzles and games!✨

Are you ready to explore the Happiest Place On Earth with me? Then, let’s begin! 🤩

**Note: All the videos correspond to the games in your printable packet **

🌈Step 1: We begin our journey in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. There are two walking path tours for you to choose from. (Or do both if you prefer!). The first one is a speed walk tour of the park (25 minutes long), while the other is a relaxing stroll of the entire park and everything in it (60 minutes long). Please choose which tour you’d like to attend now and click on the video of your choice below. 🌈

👟 The Speed Walking Tour of the Magic Kingdom (25 minutes): 👟

🥾 The COMPLETE tour of the Magic Kingdom (60 minutes)!: 🥾

👑Step 2: Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sleep in Cinderella’s castle? I have too! Well, now you can…. sort of. The Cinderella Suite can’t be rented out (as it is given out to prize winners from Disney contests), however we can take a tour of the suite and explore everything inside. Come along and let’s see how one of the most famous Disney princesses likes to get her “beauty sleep”! 👑

🐠Step 3: Now it’s time to ride some magical rides!! Our first stop is at the “Under the Sea: Journey of the Little Mermaid” ride! Get ready to wiggle, sing, and laugh along with all of Ariel’s friends! 🐠

🐠Step 4: Our next stop is just a short walk over to the Epcot Park where we are going to ride on the “Nemo & Friends” ride! Shake your lucky fin and hop in this ride! 🐠

🐘 Step 5: Welcome to your first game! Use your packet to see if you can spot all of the animals on the checklist in this animal safari tour over at the Walt Disney World Animal Kingdom Park! (If you are unable to print off the packet, that’s okay! Relax into this video and see if you can spot all of the different animals! There are 15 different kinds to look for!).

🥳Step 6: Night time has come to the Walt Disney World park and that means…. fireworks, parades, and LOTS of exciting events!! It also means that it’s time for game #2! In your packet you will see a list of scrambled words. Each word corresponds to a famous character icon in order on this electrical parade route. See if you can spot each character to unscramble the word, and enjoy the parade!! 🥳

🧁Step 7: Using your packet (or just give a thumbs up or down!) take a tour of a TON of Disney food from around the park and see if you would taste it. Would you try these Disney Park foods? 🧁

👚Step 8: Have you ever heard of the term “Disney-bounding”? Originally started when all Disney parks banned adults from coming in costume (as a way to protect children from predators), major Disney fans decided to create their own fashion movement! Disney bounding is a fashion movement that uses regular street clothes to create Disney character-inspired looks! Let’s take a look at some popular Disney bounding people you can follow on social media! 👚

🤑Step 9: You know I had to throw a little bougie video into the mix. Did you know that you can pick up a souvenir at Walt Disney World for $37,000 USD? Or that you can rent out the entire Magic Kingdom for $180,000 USD? Oh yes, the “rich and famous” can certainly live it up large in Mickey Mouse’s park and we are going to take a V.I.P. tour at how they do. So, come along with me! 🤑

👁Step 10: Our final game and the last stop on our field trip is “Guess the Disney-Pixar Character By One Eye” game. Follow the video below and see if you can guess which character is which by simply looking at their eye! Good luck! 👁

Alright my friends, THANK YOU for coming along with me on this virtual field trip! I hope you had a wonderful time. If you did, hit that like button and let me know. Smash that follow button to get more exciting posts delivered right to you, and I will see you back here for the next adventure!

Much love,

~Penny x