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A.A.P.I. Heritage Month Day 5: Thailand!

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As we draw closer towards the end of the month I wanted to touch upon a few more Asian and Pacific Island cultures in honor of this month being A.A.P.I. Heritage Month! Although there are so many beautiful, diverse countries in Asia and the Pacific Island regions, sadly we don’t have enough time to cover them all this month. However, never fear because we will be celebrating more countries next year throughout May again!

Today I’d like to focus on Thai culture. Thailand is a vast nation unique from it’s neighbors in the Southeast Asian peninsula.

There are so many unique aspects about Thai culture that set it apart from it’s neighbors, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Malaysia. Let’s dive in and explore Thai culture! First, don’t forget to pickup your FREE pdf of games and puzzles made especially for YOU!

A.A.P.I. Heritage Month, Day 5: Thailand Packet!

Thailand is one of the cheapest Asian countries to travel to and explore. I have pulled some amazing videos to show you just how far your money can go in Thailand. Are you ready to see? Then, let’s dive in!

Now that you know that just a few dollars can get you into some incredible hotels and experiences I want to show you something even more swoon-worthy! Have you ever wanted to feed an elephant? There is a special animal sanctuary called Chiang Mai Elephant Friends that is a hotel (with private bungalows) that allows you to feed, pet, and walk (but not ride to protect the animals) elephants! This organization is dedicated to the preservation and conservation of Asian elephants and has created a beautiful resort and sanctuary in Chiang Mai to allow tourists to safely experience these amazing creatures. And the best part? One night at this resort costs $85 USD! Here is an up close look at the resort and elephants. Get ready to squeal (because I did):

Now I’d like to pause here and feature an Asian movie or TV show. Available on Netflix is a brand new show called “Mighty Little Bheem”! This show is perfect for Little Space and features an Indian baby who loves to get into mischief. Interestingly this show doesn’t have any talking, but instead everything is expressed through music and sound! Each episode is only 6 minutes long, so here are episodes 1-4 for your enjoyment!

And now, back to Thai culture!

There are tons of things to do in Thailand! From exploring national parks with apes to going in underground caves to walking on white sandy beaches, Thailand has it all. If you decide to travel to Thailand in November you can join in the annual lantern festival and feel like you’re in the movie, “Tangled”!

With 94% of the country as practicing Buddhists you can alternatively travel to Thailand during April and experience the Songkran Festival, which is a GIANT water gun fight! It is believed that spraying water over yourself and others during Songkran washes away the previous year and is a way to spiritually cleanse for the Thai New Year!

If you’re a foodie and you’d like a new shopping experience, Thailand has some of the most incredible floating markets! You can get hot, fresh food cooked right on tiny, little boats as you walk around on small piers.

Now, it’s important to note that the Thai people, like anywhere else in the world, have specific customs and mannerisms unique to their country. If you decide to travel to this country it is helpful to know these few tips beforehand:

I want to wrap up this post with some Thai music because music is a universal language. You might not understand what the artist is saying, but you can always dance and feel the music! So, here is a Thai pop group called, GoyNattyDream.

And you know I had to show you some incredible performances by people on “Thailand’s Got Talent”:

Alright my friends, that’s it from me for this post. I hope you all enjoyed it and loved learning about Thai culture. If you did, hit that like button and let me know. Smash that follow button (or subscribe via email) if you’re new around here. And I will see you back here for the next topic tomorrow!

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