Little Space Celebration Days

Happy 1-4-3 Day, My Friends!

❤️Good Morning Friends! ❤️

Did you know that today is the 143rd day of the year? It is! And that is a very special day on the calendar because 1-4-3 means, “I love you”! There’s even a official government day dedicated to 1-4-3 Day! It’s Fred Rogers’ Day of Kindness! Yes, it’s another Little Space Celebration Day and today, in honor of 1-4-3 Day we are honoring Mister Rogers and spreading more kindness in the world. Are you ready to dive in and enjoy all things Mister Rogers with me? Then, let’s go!

🧡The Tune That Makes Everyone Smile: 🧡

When Fred Rogers created his show back in the 1960s he wanted to create a program that made children feel like they had a neighbor that they knew. He wanted his viewers to watch him and feel connected to the program. He wrote all of the music for his television program, and spent his whole life advocating for more wholesome children’s programs. If you’ve ever watched “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” you know that familiar tune that makes everyone smile. If you’ve never seen an episode, I encourage you to go back and give an episode (or twenty!) a watch for FREE on his website! Let’s listen to the intro song now. (Go ahead and sing along if you know the song. You know I’ll be singing too! 😉 ).

💛Mister Rogers Comes to Sesame Street: 💛

I remember watching Mister Rogers when I was a little girl. I was curled up on the living room floor in front of the TV. My eyes were fixated to the screen and there was this gentle man, talking to me like a grandfather, teaching me about how to be kind, and accepting me as I am. I grew up singing his songs about being loving towards one another (which you’ll hear today). So, you can imagine how hard I squealed when I saw Mister Rogers on another one of my favorite TV shows, “Sesame Street”! Let’s take a look at that clip now:

💚A Heart of Gold: A Closer Look at Fred Rogers: 💚

I love that Mister Rogers still lives on past his death in 2003. He had a heart of gold and wanted to be loving and kind simply because he could. He openly pushed back against racism by featuring diversity and making friends with people of all races, cultures, etc. and featuring them on his television program. Let’s take a closer look at Fred Rogers now:

💙Spreading More Kindness in the World for Fred Rogers’ Day: 💙

There are so many little ways we can spread more kindness in the world. Let’s take a look at some of the ways we can do a small act of kindness now. I challenge you to pick ONE item from this list and do one today:

💜Mister Rogers’ Songs to Lift Your Spirits: 💜

Mister Rogers was an accomplished musician so I’d like to offer you two songs that always touch my heart when I hear them. I hope they give you the same joy that they give me.

You’re beautiful just the way you are.

And this song to snuggle up to when you’re about to rest….

💗Kindness Coloring Pages: 💗

I found this wonderful website from artist, Stevie Swift, who designs beautiful free coloring pages from kindness quotes. Here is the link! I encourage you all to go check it out for yourself and color a kindness picture today in honor of 1-4-3 Day!

💖A Sweet Goodbye Message From Mister Rogers: 💖

Okay, I’ll be honest… this video made me tear up a little. It will give you all the feels when you watch it. But it’s a beautiful message that Mister Rogers recorded on his last segment of his program. Enjoy everyone and be ready to wipe your eyes. 😭

😇Ending Today With a Laugh:😇

My dear friends, I wanted to finish this post off with a laugh because I believe that laughter is one of the best medicines we can take. It’s nourishing to the soul. I love reading and swapping memes. These three memes made me giggle pretty hard and I hope they give you a chuckle too. Thank you for being here today and reading this post. Thank you for being the special Little that you are. Thank you for being a part of the little space community with me. I can’t wait to have many more adventures together right here. Have a beautiful start to the week and I will see you back here tomorrow!

Much love,

~Penny x