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A.A.P.I. Heritage Month Day 6: Saudi Arabia

🐪Good Evening Friends! 🐪

We are back with another A.A.P.I. Heritage Month and tonight we are sailing across the ocean to the Arabian Desert! Yes, we are headed to the country of Saudi Arabia! When you think of Saudi Arabia what comes to mind? Do you envision “Aladdin” and the song, “Arabian Nights”? Do you think about a desert oasis with camels all around? In truth, Saudi Arabia is an extremely wealthy nation with glittering metropolis dotted throughout the vast desert. It is a nation built upon conservative values, a strong monarchy, and extreme measures taken to ensure the safety of its citizens. Many people forget that the middle east is also a part of Asia and so today I want to honor Saudi Arabian culture by celebrating it right here with all of you! Are you ready? Then, let’s dive in!

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We begin our journey with a street food tour of all of the favorite Saudi culinary dishes! From roasted lamb to spiced rice dishes this video has it all. It isn’t everyday that we get to peer into the lifestyle of the Saudi people and see what they love to eat, so this video completely fascinated me and I hope you enjoy it just as much:

Saudi Arabia has long been a country viewed by the Western world as being extreme, “backwards”, and misogynistic. But, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz has created a new “Vision 2030” plan for the nation which will allow women to drive, more housing opportunities for the poor, greater expansion of agriculture in the desert, and greater education for Saudi citizens to enter the job market competitively. He is determined to position Saudi Arabia as a global leader with renewed policies that protect the values of Islam and Sharia law, while advancing growth to keep up with other nations. Let’s take a closer look at these changes now:

That’s the Crown Prince in the thumbnail!

Now, 90% of the people of Saudi Arabia are Arab, however 10% of its population identifies as some form of Afro-Arabian ethnic roots. This includes the Bedouin people, a nomadic tribe that has been living across the deserts of the middle east since their beginning. They live a drastically different lifestyle to the typical Saudi family. Let’s take a look at the Bedouin’s now.

I wanted to wrap up this post by sharing some Saudi Arabian music with you. I hope this makes you wiggle, laugh, and enjoy this new culture that we learned about together! Have a GREAT time solving the puzzles and games in your little space packet and I will see you back here tomorrow for the next post!

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