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Day 6: The Night Before Daddy Passed Away…

Today is Friday September 16th, 2022. It has been one week since Daddy’s physical form passed away. Not long after his passing I heard him speak to us reminding us that although his physical form is gone, Daddy is still here. Daddy is not dead! I have to keep reminding myself of this.

I want to record down what we did the night before our world exploded because it’s important to remember the good with the agony. This is what we did.

Daddy had gone to work as usual. We chatted over Discord and dreamed together about all things Fall. We discussed making “Boo Bags” (Halloween goodie bags) for each of his co-workers and I linked him the item on Amazon that I wanted to purchase. “SUPER CUTE!” he replied and I smiled from ear to ear. When he neared 4:00 he played “Closing Time” and my heart fluttered with excitement. It was time for Daddy to come home!!! I sent him tea time GIFs and we both felt our usual excitement to see one another.

As Daddy got home 20 minutes later he came in with his bright smile and immediately went to change clothes to crawl into the bed with me. “Where’s my kitten….?” he cooed and I melted into a tiny puddle of love. We kissed and immediately smushed up together. We both exhaled in bliss. Our bodies have always fit together so perfectly. Kiddo was off playing in her room so I smirked up at him. My tiny hands began roaming his body in the ways that I know he adores. “Kitten, horn-horn?” he teased with that sexy smirk that drives me wild. I nodded and continued to push him deeper into arousal.

Minutes later we were both eager to connect and make love when all of a sudden he pressed in and…. we forgot to lube up! We forgot that at nearly 38 years old, I need a bit of foreplay to “get things going” down there. I winced and made a face but I didn’t want to stop. He studied my face, ever gentle as he pressed into me. Finally I stopped him in frustration, “let’s just do mutual masturbation” I huffed. We finished but I was left with an underlying feeling of disappointment. I had wanted hot, steamy, bed-rocking sex with my husband!

I turned into a pouty little kitten and rolled to my side. Silently Daddy slid behind me and held me for a few minutes. “Kitten, disappointed?” he said softly near my ear. “Yeah…” I moped, “that was bad sex”. He chuckled. “Baby, we have had TONS of great sex over the years and we will have tons more for many, many years to come. Don’t you worry”. My spirits lifted and we fell asleep that night cuddled up in each other’s arms.

Daddy, we may not be able to have any more amazing sex in this earthly lifetime. But, if this experience has taught me anything, it’s that…. our life here on earth is so short…. so fragile… so fleeting. It is a drop in the bucket of time compared to the eternity spent in the next life. And I’d like to think that when we are reunited in the next life, as I know we will be, no doubt we will tackle each other and connect on every level. Why? Because it’s you, baby. It’s always you. Forever you. Forever us. <3