In Honor of Daddy

Trekking, Moose, and All Things Perplexing

I have the luxury right now to soak in the quiet of life. As such, I notice little things around me. Tomorrow is my 38th birthday, or as Daddy would say, “my 5th birthday for the 33rd time”. 😉 And because of this I am extra emotional. I’ve destroyed a box of facial tissue or two in the past few days. In an attempt to lift my spirits and help kiddo feel better too I decided to get us out and head to Northwest Trek. Northwest Trek is a “fluffy people friendly” safari, in that you can drive around the 438 acre property and see all of the amazing Northwest-esque wildlife all without leaving the comfort of your car. No hiking. No dirty shoes. No bug bites. Just photos and swooning at big, fluffy bison. 🙂 It was really nice. If you ever get the chance to see a bison (which is as big as a car!) I highly recommend it.

So, for 55 minutes we saw caribou, bear, elk, moose, mountain goats, and more! It was amazing…

Kiddo and I absolutely LOVE animals, and Daddy always took us to petting zoos, aquariums, etc. so it felt like a fitting way to honor him on our day out. Then we went out for sushi (Daddy/my favorite food) for supper. I have no doubt he was with us all day smiling down and swooning at the animals too.

As we were driving home I fell deep in thought. There are things that occur all around me that often leave me perplexed. Here are some of the things I saw today.

**Note: I am writing this with dry humor and a chuckle to try and be cheerful when life feels so sad. So, I hope you find these humorous too.**

  1. Have you ever noticed that rednecks exist everywhere? Everyone thinks that rednecks are in the south of the US. But the truth is: big trucks with obnoxious drivers, motorcyclists clad with rebel flags, truck nuts, oversized flags, blaring country music, etc. exists everywhere in rural areas.
  2. Have you ever seen a bumper sticker that is a number? Example: 26.2 or 13.1. Those are for marathoners. It’s like a subtle way for marathoners to say, “Ha! I ran in a marathon!”. I think there should be more bumper stickers with numbers. For example: 14 for the number of stretch marks I got after having kids. 10.3…. the time that I crash each night because I’m old now. 4… the number of times I have to get up and go pee after drinking a glass of water because I am a woman with the bladder of a bird.
  3. Why do they sell ceramic egg holders for your fridge? Does anyone ever actually use those things? I thought everyone simply uses the cardboard egg carton that the eggs come in!
  4. Why do neighbors stop and talk to each other while passing in their car? There is no possible way that you can have a quality conversation while your car is running and you’re trying to talk over two engines.
  5. Have you ever heard of people throwing undergarments on stage at a concert? My random thought was: do you think any rock star has ever gotten a pair of panties thrown at them… and then tossed them back? I would die laughing if they did!

Alright friends, time to rest my eyes for now but I hope you all are well and I will be back again soon. Until next time. x