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  • Slivers of Light

    I am going to try and be more positive on here. I admit that there are days when finding positivity seems like a tall order

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  • The Blue Man from Mars

    I feel like the Little Prince… cess. I traveled from my home planet of palm trees, beaches, flip-flops, and a slow pace of life, to

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  • Life on Mars

    I learned a new word today. The word is: mung. Mung: green mossy shit that apparently grows on all moist outside walls in the Pacific

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  • Tears and Evergreen Trees

    It took 2 days to drive up here to Washington State. Two long days in the car. I’m not the best at road trips. With

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  • Like Porcelain Dolls…

    Human beings are so fragile. We walk around with a façade of arrogance that nothing can touch us. We convince ourselves that we have “plenty

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  • Boxes, Bags, and Goodbyes…

    In 3 days we are set to leave California for the Pacific Northwest. I try to paint on a “tough smile” for my daughter telling

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