“Hold the hand of the child that lives in your soul. For this child, nothing is impossible.”

— Paulo Coelho

Greetings and welcome to the Little Space League! I’m so excited you’re here with us. My name is Penny Berry, and together with my husband (and Daddy) Captain Taliron Quinn, we invite you to join us in this amazing space that is designed for every adult little to feel like they have a place to come home to. This website is all about helping you connect deeper with your little space. In these pages you’ll find resources to meet other littles in the community, affordable products to purchase to enhance your little space, and books to keep you busy for hours and hours! In addition, we have regular events for you to partake in and keep up with via our calendar.

This is a safe space where every little is welcome and encouraged to comment, share, and explore. No matter where you are in your journey we invite you to take part in this exciting space. Being an adult little is never something to be ashamed of. Instead, we encourage you to celebrate this wonderful part of yourself with us as we give you free printables, a daily newsletter (with extra gifts), and videos to help you regress with ease. So, come along with us and we look forward to meeting you very soon. 

Much love, 

Penny Berry and Captain Quinn x 

What are the main types of Littles in the community?

(Note: Please know that this is NOT an all-encompassing list! These are just the main groups and Littles may identify with one or more of the types below).

  • ADULT BABY ~ An Adult Baby is a little with the youngest age regression. This may or may not include: diapers, pacis and sippy bottles/cups, cribs and tons of stuffies!
  • BABYGIRL/BOY ~ A Babygirl or boy doesn’t necessarily identity with a certain age. They are emotionally sensitive and child-like in life. Tend to be submissive.
  • BRATS ~ A brat can be either submissive or a non-submissive. Some like to disobey to be tamed or just enjoy mild to extreme punishment. Whereas some just do not wish to submit or to be punished, just want their way. A brat can be in any age range!
  • LITTLES ~ Little is just a broad term for a wide age range! A term for someone who isn’t sure what their little age is, or just has a fluctuating age range!
  • MIDDLES ~ A middle is a general term of an older little. A middle is an adult who regresses to an older child or young teen age. They may also weave in bratting and being mischievous to their behavior which many dominants find endearing and arousing.
  • NYMPHETS ~ A middle who is generally bratty, promiscuous and sexually forward.
  • PETS ~ This is a broader range, including; kittens, bunnies, wolves, puppies, foxes and many, many more. Much like a kitten they can be any age range and enjoy being played with, pet and taken care of! Again, think collars, cute ears, tags, toys and tails!
  • KITTENS ~ A kitten is a more popular pet in Cg/l. Enjoy being a pet, played with, and taken care of. A Kitten can be any age as well. Think cute little kitten ears, collars, tags, toys and tails!
  • IMPS~ An imp is similar to a pet, many of them enjoy being collared, played with and taken care of. What defines an imp is their mischievous ways (similar to a brat).
  • SWITCHES ~ A switch is someone who identifies as both a Little and a Caregiver. How often one goes into Caregiver or Little mode is dependent on the individual.
  • DOMINANT LITTLES ~ A dominant little is a little that “calls the shots” in a Cg/l relationship, they still like to be taken care of and need the same amount of nurturing and love as any other little.
  • SUBMISSIVES~ A submissive is a broad term that can encompass and be embodied by any little at any age. They enjoy being dominated and being taken care of.
  • Babyfur or Littlefur: A babyfur is a person who identifies as a furry (having an anthropomorphic animal-human character representation of themselves) within the furry fandom community as well as an adult baby, little, middle, teen, ageplayer, or other type of age regressor (such as a transage or age-fluid person).
  • Lolita- is a middle who is more interested in adult-like activities. Things like tea parties, ballet, prim and proper attire, classical music and instruments, antiques, learning languages, cake decorating, gardening, crafts, drying flowers, scrap booking, and more.

Do we support minors (under 18 years old) being involved in the Little community? 

No, we do not. We believe that the law is there for a reason and we are always one to follow the letter of the law. Furthermore, we believe that adolescence is a time of self-discovery. You are supposed to be experimenting with your image, desires, and thinking about potential career paths while you’re a teen. We encourage you to use this time to explore the things you love and enjoy. Unearth things you’re passionate about, and if you are feeling like you might be an adult little and want to join the community, we ask that you hold off until you are of legal age (18 years here in the U.S.) to do so. 

Not every Little is involved in a Cg/l relationship, and not every little views their lifestyle as a kink. However, we cannot support minors in the community because there is a risk of them being exposed to people who are sexual, and therefore it would be damaging and inappropriate for the young individual. Instead, we encourage minors to seek out avenues that are age-appropriate, healthy, legal, and keep their curiosity at bay until they are a legal adult.